Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1965 Bayreuth RHEINGOLD rehearsal scenes, showing (after a few unexplained seconds of Silja doing Senta's aria):

*Wieland showing Theo Adam and William Olvis (Froh) the blocking for just after Erda's exit

*Windgassen going over Loge's narrative with a repetiteur

*Wieland coaching Erwin Wohlfhart on Mime's "vielleicht, ja vielleicht" moment

*a wild-eyed Gus Neidlinger, as Alberich, "marking" (an octave down) the "Habt achts" as he blocks out his Scene 3 threats against Wotan. (Gosh, Neidlinger looks like he was fun to work with, and I hear he was. Keep in mind that at this rehearsal he was well into his second decade as Bayreuth's house Alberich. And he's still having fun!)

*Böhm conducting the Rainbow Bridge music and giving verbal instructions to the orchestra as Olvis (unseen) sings Froh's "Zur Burg führt die Brücke" gorgeously (why did this guy have a short career?)

*Wieland barking orders about the "Apparat" for the Rainbow Bridge